eyebrellas (eyebrellas) wrote in ww_journaling,


I've fallen! I had grand hopes for a massive weight loss by New Year. I've reevaluated my goals and now I'm looking at maintaining my weight through the holidays. I'm in the final week of school, with endless studying and I haven't allowed myself any time for the gym since before Thanksgiving. I've been somewhat mindful of what I'm eating, but I've been drinking way too much. (It seems I make time for parties but not for the gym. Good to know.)

I didn't go to a meeting or weigh in last week.

The plan for next week (starting Saturday, my weigh-in day) is to begin gymming again and get back on program. Until the end of this week, I will eat Core and lay off the booze.

This isn't an inspiring post, just the unfortunate truth.
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