eyebrellas (eyebrellas) wrote in ww_journaling,


It's 8:50 and I've finished eating for today.

Early day today. Too much coffee, pretty good food. I could've had more water but I'll be awake for a few more hours yet. Onward to the dailies:

2 medium coffee nf milk
hm oat blueberry bar

a carrot

a zucchini (zucchino?)

small slice of egg casserole

a chicken breast
1/2 cup each white beans and
brown rice with
tomatoes, celery, veg broth

2/3 cup chocolate pumpkin custard (tinned pumpkin, nf evaporated milk & and egg; splenda, cocoa powder; cinnamon) over
1.2 cup cranberries cooked with a dash of splenda

In other news, I discovered a library on campus today that not only has wifi and a nice collection of books on oceanic arts, but also ferns and oriental rugs. And electrical outlets. Plus, snacking and drinking coffee are prohibited in there. Heavenly.
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