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File under: Homework Slacking

I'm brand new to WW and am following the Core plan. I lost some weight last week (with Thanksgiving and everything) and a lot of the reason is that I took all day last Saturday to cook and freeze a huge amount of food.

It was labor-intensive and ate up a whole eight hours, but I rented some movies to play in the background, listened to music and even had a friend over to help chop veg for part of the day. It helped that my husband washed pots and pans for me in between dishes, which saved me a ton of time.

I made a bunch of stuff and froze it into single-serving sizes (ziploc bags stack flat so I could freeze a lot more than if I'd used hard containers. Just be sure food is cool before you put it in the bags). Now I have enough Core-approved, healthy homemade food to last about a month. I still buy fresh veg to make salads and stuff, and fruit to snack on. But having delicious Indian and Thai food, breakfast bars, crustless quiches, black bean burgers, etc. in small portions in the freezer has helped me tremendously: If I want to eat something that isn't fresh fruit or vegetable, I have to wait for it to thaw. So I only take out one thing at a time. And since I have all this food at home, I haven't found myself without breakfast or lunch and needing to stop at Peet's or anywhere else for a 1400 calorie scone. The unplanned-for factor is what always trips me up in my plans for healthy eating.

So that's my tip. I'd love to hear what has been working for others.

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