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Start of Week Two

Cross-posted to my own journal.

Saturday-- First day of Week Two

One slice of veggie quiche
1/6 bagel with light cream cheese
fruit salad
smoked salmon wrapped around cheese wrapped around my drooling on the floor
1/2 small slice zucchini bread
3 mimosas (the oj was organic!)
2 just-champagne (I'm a lush!)
2 coffees, black
6 pts water

1/2 cup org chicken and celery, mushroom, grn bns, onion, mushroom gravy
1/2 cup mashed potafauxs with a schmoops of plain, hm nf yogurt
one large glass Cline mourvedre 2003 yums
1 large slice core-friendly pumpkin pie with flax seed, apple and oat crust

Total: 31 of my weekly flexies

Sunday, 27th Nov

Breakfast and Lunch
black coffee (also organic)
zoo coffee with nf milk
2 small hm oat and blueberry bars
1.5 small egg casserole squares

3 cups herbal tea

1 fantastic glass of yesterday's wine (2 more flexies)

1/2 cup each last night's chicken-and-veg and mashed potafauxs
1/2 cup frozen blueberries with 2 tbsp hm nf yog and a sprinkle of flax meal

One long after-dinner walk and one corny Roger Moore Bond movie with foxy husbot

Alotta ciao, which means I have a scant 2 points for a party on Thursday. I'm sure looking forward to being in WW longer, when exercise starts to accumulate extra flex points. Doesn't it?
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